ATM Networking

Teaching and Research Labs

The Department of Computer Science operates a high performance ATM network that is available for used for in both research and graduate student instruction.  The network consists of 9 ATM switches that provide an interconnect between three departmental facilities and also provide a direct connection to Clemson's gateways to Internet2 and the commercial Internet.

The Jordan Hall research cluster contains an IBM 8265 and an 8285 switch providing 9 ports at 155 Mbps and 12 at 25 Mbps.  The Jordan Hall graduate instructional lab contains IBM 8265, 8260, and 8285 switches providing 25 ports at 155 Mbps and 12 at 25 Mbps.   The Edwards Hall facility provides access to faculty offices and research machines via 2 IBM 8625s and an 8285 providing 23 ports at 155 Mbps and 12 at 25 Mbps.

Both ATM Forum LAN Emulation (LANE) and IETF Classical IP over ATM (CLIP) are used to support virtual IP networks used for specific research or instructional  purposes.  Resident DNS, NIS, and NFS servers provide host and user naming and file services.  A network address translation (NAT) gateway in each of the three clusters provides access to the external internet while also serving as a firewall to block unwanted traffic from external sources.

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