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CpSc 8380, Fall 2120, Advanced Data Structures

Term Paper

Course Materials: Tentative Schedule, Handouts, Homeworks, Solutions

Academic Calendar Fall 2021


Aug 16, Mon - Aug 17, Tue              Late enrollment

Aug 16, Mon        University Convocation

Aug 18, Wed        Classes begin

Aug 24, Tue          Last day to register or add a class or declare Audit

Aug 31, Tue          Last day to drop a class or withdraw from the University without a W grade


Sep 7, Tue             Last day to apply for December graduation


Oct 8, Fri               Last day for instructors to issue midterm evaluations

Oct 11, Mon - Oct 12, Tue Fall break

Oct 26, Tue           Last day to drop a class or withdraw from the University without final grades


Nov 1, Mon          Registration for spring and summer terms begins

Nov 24, Wed - Nov 26, Fri                Thanksgiving holidays


Dec 2, Thu - Dec 3, Fri       Classes meet; exams permitted in labs and one-hour courses only

Dec 6, Mon - Dec 10, Fri    Examinations

Dec 13, Mon        9:00 A.M.--Deadline to submit candidate grades

Dec 15, Wed         9:00 A.M.--Deadline to submit other grades

Dec 15, Wed         Candidates for graduation may access grades

Dec 15, Wed         Doctoral Hooding at the Brooks Center

Dec 16, Thu          Graduation