CPSC 8110: Character Animation

Course Overview

INSTRUCTOR: Sophie Joerg
OFFICE HOURS: Wed 1:30-2:30pm, and by appointment, McAdams 318
SEMESTER: Spring 2017
TIME: TTh 9:30-10:45am
LOCATION: McAdams 110E


Class Schedule

Date Topic Homework, talks
Jan 12 Introduction Jessica Hodgins and James O'Brien. 1999. Computer Animation.
Jan 19 Transformations and quick Unity Introduction Get familiar with Unity. If you haven't used it yet, go through one of the tutorials
Jan 24 A lot more on Unity -
Jan 26 Rotations Homework 1: Ken Shoemake. 1985. Animating Rotation with Quaternion Curves SIGGRAPH '85 + Script as discussed in class.
Jan 31Quaternions, Scripting in Unity
Feb 2Kinematics Skeleton chain for forward kinematics in Unity as discussed in class
Feb 7 Inverse Kinematics Homework 2: Forward Kinematics, due Mon, Feb 13
Feb 9 Human Motion Perception -
Feb 14 Motion Capture Homework 3: Inverse kinematics, due Mon, Feb 20
Feb 16 Motion Trees in Unity
Feb 21 Motion Capture Demo
Feb 23 Motion Trees,
starting Motion Graphs
Homework 4: Motion Capture and Motion Trees, due Mon, March 13
Feb 28 Motion Graphs Homework 5: Motion Graphs, due Mon, March 6
1. Lucas Kovar, Michael Gleicher, Fred Pighin. 2002. Motion Graphs. ACM Transactions on Graphics.
2. Okan Arikan and David Forsyth. 2002. Interactive Motion Generation from Examples. ACM Transactions on Graphics.
3. Jehee Lee, Jinxiang Chai, Paul S. A. Reitsma, Jessica K. Hodgins, and Nancy S. Pollard. 2002. Interactive Control of Avatars Animated with Human Motion Data
March 2Motion Capture Sessions -
March 7Motion Editing -
March 9Motion Editing
Topics for talks and projects
Choose top three topics.
March 14Motion Graphs and Databases Homework 4 due
March 16Motion Graphs and Databases Feedback on project topics
March 21-23 Spring Break -
March 28Faces and Eyes Project proposal due
March 30Controlling Animations Quiz
April 4Controlling Animations Yitian Alec Jacobson, Daniele Panozzo, Oliver Glauser, Cédric Pradalier, Otmar Hilliges, Olga Sorkine-Hornung. Tangible and Modular Input Device for Character Articulation. ACM Transactions on Graphics 2014.
Christian Peter Borosan, Ming Jin, Doug DeCarlo, Yotam Gingold, and Andrew Nealen. RigMesh: Automatic Rigging for Part-Based Shape Modeling and Deformation. ACM Transactions on Graphics 2012.
April 6Gestures and Hands Ayush Wenping Zhao, Jianjie Zhang, Jianyuan Min, Jinxiang Chai. Robust realtime physics-based motion control for human grasping. ACM Transactions on Graphics 2013. [paper][video]
Krutika Mores Prachyabrued and Christoph W. Borst. Visual feedback for virtual grasping. IEEE Symposium on 3D User Interfaces (3DUI) 2014. [video]
April 11Project feedback
April 13Emotion, Stylization Mandy Eakta Jain, Yaser Sheikh, Moshe Mahler, and Jessica Hodgins. Three-dimensional Proxies for Hand-drawn Characters. ACM Transactions on Graphics 2012.
April 18Crowds and Herds Yu Sujeong Kim, Aniket Bera, Andrew Best, Rohan Chabra, and Dinesh Manocha. Interactive and Adaptive Data-Driven Crowd Simulation. Proceedings of VR IEEE 2016.
Lauren Ladislav Kavan, Simon Dobbyn, Steven Collins, Jirí Žára, Carol O'Sullivan. Polypostors: 2D Polygonal Impostors for 3D Crowds. Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics and Games 2008.
April 20Character Animation in VR
and further topics
Vibhor Michael Neff, Michael Kipp, Irene Albrecht, Hans-Peter Seidel. Gesture modeling and animation based on a probabilistic re-creation of speaker style ACM Transactions on Graphics 2008. Related Videos: [1] [2] [3] [4]
Chaoran Keith Grochow, Steven L. Martin, Aaron Hertzmann, Zoran Popović. Style-based Inverse Kinematics. ACM Transactions on graphics 2004.
April 25Project feedback -
April 27Further Topics


Erik B. Dam, Martin Koch and Martin Lillholm. 1998. Quaternions, Interpolation and Animation Technical Report DIKU-TR-98/5, Department of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen
James Diebel. 2006. Representing Attitude: Euler Angles, Unit Quaternions, and Rotation Vectors. Also not a peer-reviewed publication, but useful

Inverse Kinematics

Rick Parent. 2012. Computer Animation: Algorithms and Techniques. Chapter 5
Jeff Lander. 1998. Oh My God, I Inverted Kine. Game Developer Magazine.
Lukás Bařinka and Roman Berka. 2002. Inverse Kinematics - Basic Methods.
Samuel R. Buss. 2009. Introduction to Inverse Kinematics with Jacobian Transpose, Pseudoinverse and Damped Least Squares methods.


Johansson: Motion Perception part 1, part 2
Heider and Simmel stimuli
J.M. Kilner, Y. Paulignan, and S.J. Blakemore. 2003. An Interference Effect of Observed Biological Movement on Action. Current Biology.
Randolph Blake and Maggie Shiffrar. Perception of human motion. Annual Review of Psychology 2007.
Sophie Jörg, Jessica Hodgins, and Carol O'Sullivan. 2010. The Perception of Finger Motions Applied Perception in Graphics and Visualization (APGV)

Motion Capture

Sang Il Park and Jessica K. Hodgins. 2006. Capturing and Animating Skin Deformation in Human Motion. ACM Transactions on Graphics
Takaaki Shiratori, Hyun Soo Park, Leonid Sigal, Yaser Sheikh, Jessica K. Hodgins. 2011. Motion Capture from Body-Mounted Cameras. ACM Transactions on Graphics

Motion Editing

Andrew Witkin and Zoran Popović. 1995. Motion Warping. SIGGRAPH 95.
Armin Bruderlin and Lance Williams. 1995. Motion signal processing. SIGGRAPH 95.
Martin Prazak, Rachel McDonnell, and Carol O’Sullivan. 2014. Perceptual Evaluation of Human Animation Timewarping. SIGGRAPH Asia Sketch. Videos from the Motion Warping paper
Materials from the SIGGRAPH '00 course Motion Editing: Principles Practice and Promise
Examples of motion editing papers using time warping:
Anna Majkowska, Victor Zordan, and Petros Faloutsos. Automatic Splicing for Hand and Body Animations. SCA '06.
Rachel Heck, Lucas Kovar, and Michael Gleicher. Splicing Upper-Body Actions with Locomotion Proceedings of Eurographics 2006.
Eugene Hsu, Marco da Silva, Jovan Popovic. Guided Time Warping for Motion Editing. SCA 2007.

Motion graphs and databases

Jernej Barbič, Alla Safonova, Jia-Yun Pan, Christos Faloutsos, Jessica K. Hodgins and N. S. Pollard. 2004. Segmenting Motion Capture Data into Distinct Behaviors. Graphics Interface.
Leslie Ikemoto and David Forsyth. 2004. Enriching a Motion Collection by Transplanting Limbs. SCA. video
Rachel Heck, Lucas Kovar, and Michael Gleicher. Splicing Upper-Body Actions with Locomotion Proceedings of Eurographics 2006.
Anna Majkowska, Victor Zordan, and Petros Faloutsos. Automatic Splicing for Hand and Body Animations. SCA '06.
Paul Reitsma and Nancy Pollard, 2004. Evaluating Motion Graphs for Character Navigation. SCA.
James McCann and Nancy S. Pollard. 2007. Responsive Characters from Motion Fragments ACM Transactions on Graphics
Mubbasir Kapadia, I-kao Chiang, Tiju Thomas, Norman I. Badler, and Joseph T. Kider Jt. 2013. Efficient Motion Retrieval in Large Motion Databases. I3D.
Okan Arikan. 2006. Compression of Motion Capture Databases. ACM Transactions on Graphics.


Madame Tutli-Putli
Observing Microsaccades. Hao-Yu Wu, Michael Rubinstein, Eugene Shih, John Guttag, Fredo Durand, and William T. Freeman. 2012. Eulerian Video Magnification for Revealing Subtle Changes in the World. SIGGRAPH
Aline Normoyle, Jeremy B. Badler, Teresa Fan, Norman I. Badler, Vinicius J. Cassol, Soraia R. Musse. 2013. Evaluating perceived trust from procedurally animated gaze. Motion in Games.
Binh H. Le, Xiaohan Ma, and Zhigang Deng. 2012. Live Speech DrivenHead-and-Eye Motion Generators. Video. IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics.
K. Ruhland, S. Andrist, C. Peters, J. Badler, N. Badler, M. Gleicher, B. Mutlu, R. McDonnell. 2014. Look me in the eyes: A survey of eye and gaze animation for virtual agents and artificial systems. Eurographics.
K. Ruhland, K. Zibrek, and R. McDonnell. 2015. Perception of personality through eye gaze of realistic and cartoon models. ACM SIGGRAPH Symposium on Applied Perception. [Video in Source Materials]


David J. Sturman and David Zeltzer. 1993. A Design Method for "Whole-Hand" Human-Computer Interaction. ACM Transactions on Information Systems.
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KangKang Yin and Dinesh K. Pai. 2003. FootSee: an Interactive Animation System. SCA.
Wai-Chun Lam, Feng Zou, and Taku Komura. 2004. Motion editing with data glove. ACE
Liu Ren, Gregory Shakhnarovich, Jessica Hodgins, Hanspeter Pfister and Paul Viola. 2005. Learning Silhouette Features for Control of Human Motion. ACM Transactions on Graphics.
Naoki Numaguchi, Atsushi Nakazawa, Takaaki Shiratori, and Jessica K. Hodgins. 2011. A Puppet Interface for Retrieval of Motion Capture Data. SCA.
Takaaki Shiratori and Jessica K. Hodgins. 2008. Accelerometer-based User Interfaces for the Control of a Physically Simulated Character. ACM Transactions on Graphics (SIGGRAPH Asia 2008), 27(5).
Martin Guay, Marie-Paule Cani, Rémi Ronfard. 2013. The line of action: an intuitive interface for expressive character posing, video. ACM Transactions on Graphics.
Yeongho Seol, Carol O'Sullivan, and Jehee Lee. 2013. Creature Features: Online motion puppetry for non-human characters. Symposium on Computer Animation.