CPSC 8080: Advanced Animation

Course Overview

INSTRUCTOR: Sophie Joerg
OFFICE HOURS: By appointment, McAdams 318
SEMESTER: Spring 2014
TIME: TR 12:30-1:45pm
LOCATION: McAdams 118C


Class Schedule

Date Topic Homework, talks
Jan 7 Introduction Jessica Hodgins and James O'Brien. 1999. Computer Animation.
Jan 14 Transformations -
Jan 16 Rotations Ken Shoemake. 1985. Animating Rotation with Quaternion Curves SIGGRAPH '85. (hand in questions by Jan 20)
Rick Parent. 2012. Computer Animation: Algorithms and Techniques. Chapter 2.
Jan 21 Introduction to Unity Homework 2, see slides. Scripting Tutorial
Jan 23 Quaternions and Interpolation Jing Wang and Bobby Bodenheimer. 2004. Computing the Duration of Motion Transitions: An Empirical Approach
Rick Parent. 2012. Computer Animation: Algorithms and Techniques. Appendix B.
Jan 28 Kinematics -
Jan 30 Inverse Kinematics Assignment 1 is out, see below for further references, also see Rick Parent. 2012. Computer Animation: Algorithms and Techniques. Chapter 5.
Feb 4 Motion Editing Andrew Witkin and Zoran Popović. 1995. Motion Warping. SIGGRAPH 95.
Armin Bruderlin and Lance Williams. 1995. Motion signal processing. SIGGRAPH 95.
Feb 6 Motion Capture -
Feb 11 Project planning,
Motion Editing papers
Assignment 1 is due Feb 12
Feb 18 Mecanim Intro -
Feb 20 Motion Graphs 1. Charles Rose, Michael Cohen and Bobby Bodenheimer. 1998. Verbs and Adverbs: Multidimensional Motion Interpolation. IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications.
2. Lucas Kovar, Michael Gleicher, Fred Pighin. 2002. Motion Graphs. ACM Transactions on Graphics.
3. Okan Arikan and David Forsyth. 2002. Interactive Motion Generation from Examples. ACM Transactions on Graphics.
4. Jehee Lee, Jinxiang Chai, Paul S. A. Reitsma, Jessica K. Hodgins, and Nancy S. Pollard. 2002. Interactive Control of Avatars Animated with Human Motion Data
Feb 25 Human Motion Perception Randolph Blake and Maggie Shiffrar. Perception of human motion. Annual Review of Psychology 2007.
Feb 27 Discussing Motion Graph Literature Assignment 2 is out, see blackboard. Also, see links to Mecanim tutorial and Unity support below.
March 4 Motion Graphs and Databases-
March 6 no class (traveling)Project proposal due March 8, Assignment 2 due March 10
March 11 Motion Graphs and Databases - part 2 Peter Borosan, Ming Jin, Doug DeCarlo, Yotam Gingold, and Andrew Nealen. RigMesh: Automatic Rigging for Part-Based Shape Modeling and Deformation. TOG 2012. Karl
March 13 Gestures and Hands Sergey Levine, Jack M. Wang, Alexis Haraux, Zoran Popović, and Vladlen Koltun. 2012. Continuous Character Control with Low-Dimensional Embeddings. TOG 2012. Kevin
Wenping Zhao, Jianjie Zhang, Jianyuan Min, Jinxiang Chai. Robust Realtime Physically Based Motion Control for Human Grasping. TOG 2013. Qimin
March 25 First Project Review -
March 27 Mocap and Control Kevin Wampler, Erik Andersen, Evan Herbst, Yongjoon Lee, and Zoran Popović. Character Animation in Two-Player Adversarial Games. TOG 2011. Blair
Homework on character control due Monday, March 31
April 1 Mocap and Control
Faces and Eyes
April 3 Faces and Eyes Sofien Bouaziz, Yangang Wang, and Mark Pauly. Online Modeling For Realtime Facial Animation. TOG 2013. Jordan
Leslie Ikemoto, Okan Arikan, David Forsyth. Generalizing Motion Edits with Gaussian Processes. TOG 2009. Yuxiang
April 8 Second Project Review -
April 10 Emotion and Style Keith Grochow, Steven L. Martin, Aaron Hertzmann, Zoran Popović. Style-based Inverse Kinematics. TOG 2004. Hsin-Ru
Eugene Hsu, Kari Pulli, Jovan Popović. Style Translation for Human Motion. TOG 2005. Wyndham
April 15 Emotion and Style
Animating Animals
Claire L. Roether, Lars Omlor, Andrea Christensen, and Martin A. Giese. Critical features for the perception of emotion from gait. Journal of Vision 2009. Junyan
Yeongho Seol, Carol O'Sullivan, and Jehee Lee. 2013. Creature Features: Online motion puppetry for non-human characters. SCA. Yanxiang
April 17 Animating Animals Stelian Coros, Andrej Karpathy, Ben Jones, Lionel Reveret, and Michiel van de Panne. Locomotion Skills for Simulated Quadrupeds. TOG 2011. Dylan
Jie Tan, Yuting Gu, Greg Turk, and C. Karen Liu. Articulated Swimming Creatures. TOG 2011. Doug
April 22 Second Project Review -

Planned Schedule

Date Topic Homework, talks
April 24 Eyes Sang Hoon Yeo and Martin Lesmana and Debanga R. Neog and Dinesh K. Pai. 2012. Eyecatch: Simulating Visuomotor Coordination for Object Interception. TOG 2012. Gina

Further materials

Transformations, Rotations, Interpolations

Euler (gimbal lock) Explained
Animated Rotation in Maya
Erik B. Dam, Martin Koch, Martin Lillhom. 1998. Quaternions, Interpolation and Animation. Technical Report.
Ken Shoemake. Quaternions


Scripting Tutorial
Scripting Reference
Characters, Assets
Mecanim Tutorial Files, Teddy, Block Man
Mecanim Tutorial

Inverse Kinematics

Jeff Lander. 1998. Oh My God, I Inverted Kine. Game Developer Magazine.
Lukás Bařinka and Roman Berka. 2002. Inverse Kinematics - Basic Methods.
Samuel R. Buss. 2009. Introduction to Inverse Kinematics with Jacobian Transpose, Pseudoinverse and Damped Least Squares methods.
Jianmin Zhao and Norman I. Badler. 1994. Inverse Kinematics Positioning Using Nonlinear Programming for Highly Articulated Figures. ACM Transactions on Graphics.
Keith Grochow, Steven Martin, Aaron Hertzmann, and Zoran Popović. 2004. Style-based inverse kinematics. ACM Transactions on Graphics.

Motion Editing

Videos from the Motion Warping paper
Materials from the SIGGRAPH '00 course Motion Editing: Principles Practice and Promise
Pavel Senin. 2008. Dynamic Time Warping Algorithm Review. Technical Report.
Examples of motion editing papers using time warping:
Anna Majkowska, Victor Zordan, and Petros Faloutsos. Automatic Splicing for Hand and Body Animations. SCA '06.
Rachel Heck, Lucas Kovar, and Michael Gleicher. Splicing Upper-Body Actions with Locomotion Proceedings of Eurographics 2006.
Eugene Hsu, Marco da Silva, Jovan Popovic. Guided Time Warping for Motion Editing. SCA 2007.
Maya Time Warping Tutorial


Johansson: Motion Perception part 1, part 2
Heider and Simmel stimuli
J.M. Kilner, Y. Paulignan, and S.J. Blakemore. 2003. An Interference Effect of Observed Biological Movement on Action. Current Biology.

Further papers

L. Hoyet, K. Ryall, K. Zibrek, H. Park, J. Lee, J. Hodgins and C. O'Sullivan. Evaluating the Distinctiveness and Attractiveness of Human Motions on Realistic Virtual Bodies. TOG 2013.
Eunjung Ju, Myung Geol Choi, Minji Park, Jehee Lee, Kang Hoon Lee, and Shigeo Takahashi. Morphable Crowds. TOG 2010.
Marek Vondrak, Leonid Sigal, Jessica Hodgins, and Odset Jenkins. 2012. Video-based 3D Motion Capture through Biped Control
Jianyuan Min, Jinxiang Chai. Motion Graphs++: A Compact Generative Model for Semantic Motion Analysis and Synthesis. TOG 2012.
Kathy Pullen, Christoph Bregler. Motion Capture Assisted Animation: Texturing and Synthesis. TOG 2002.

Motion graphs and databases

Leslie Ikemoto and David Forsyth. 2004. Enriching a Motion Collection by Transplanting Limbs. SCA. video
Rachel Heck, Lucas Kovar, and Michael Gleicher. Splicing Upper-Body Actions with Locomotion Proceedings of Eurographics 2006.
Anna Majkowska, Victor Zordan, and Petros Faloutsos. Automatic Splicing for Hand and Body Animations. SCA '06.
James McCann and Nancy S. Pollard. 2007. Responsive Characters from Motion Fragments ACM Transactions on Graphics
Mubbasir Kapadia, I-kao Chiang, Tiju Thomas, Norman I. Badler, and Joseph T. Kider Jt. 2013. Efficient Motion Retrieval in Large Motion Databases. I3D.
Okan Arikan. 2006. Compression of Motion Capture Databases. ACM Transactions on Graphics.
Jernej Barbič, Alla Safonova, Jia-Yun Pan, Christos Faloutsos, Jessica K. Hodgins and N. S. Pollard. 2004. Segmenting Motion Capture Data into Distinct Behaviors. Graphics Interface.
Paul Reitsma and Nancy Pollard, 2004. Evaluating Motion Graphs for Character Navigation. SCA.

Gestures and Hands

George ElKoura and Karan Singh. 2003. Handrix: Animating the Human Hand. SCA.
Justine Cassell, Hannes Högni Vilhjálmsson, Timothy Bickmore. 2001. Beat: the Behavior Expression Animation Toolkit. Proceedings of SIGGRAPH 2001.
Sergey Levine, Philipp Krähenbühl, Sebastian Thrun, Vladlen Koltun. 2010. Gesture Controllers. ACM Transactions on Graphics.


David J. Sturman and David Zeltzer. 1993. A Design Method for "Whole-Hand" Human-Computer Interaction. ACM Transactions on Information Systems.
Joseph Laszlo, Michiel van de Panne, and Eugene Fiume. 2000. Interactive Control For Physically-Based Animation. SIGGRAPH
Wai-Chun Lam, Feng Zou, and Taku Komura. 2004. Motion editing with data glove. ACE
KangKang Yin and Dinesh K. Pai. 2003. FootSee: an Interactive Animation System. SCA.
Martin Guay, Marie-Paule Cani, Rémi Ronfard. 2013. The line of action: an intuitive interface for expressive character posing, video. ACM Transactions on Graphics.
Liu Ren, Gregory Shakhnarovich, Jessica Hodgins, Hanspeter Pfister and Paul Viola. 2005. Learning Silhouette Features for Control of Human Motion. ACM Transactions on Graphics.
Naoki Numaguchi, Atsushi Nakazawa, Takaaki Shiratori, and Jessica K. Hodgins. 2011. A Puppet Interface for Retrieval of Motion Capture Data. SCA.


Madame Tutli-Putli
Observing Microsaccades. Hao-Yu Wu, Michael Rubinstein, Eugene Shih, John Guttag, Fredo Durand, and William T. Freeman. 2012. Eulerian Video Magnification for Revealing Subtle Changes in the World. SIGGRAPH
Aline Normoyle, Jeremy B. Badler, Teresa Fan, Norman I. Badler, Vinicius J. Cassol, Soraia R. Musse. 2013. Evaluating perceived trust from procedurally animated gaze. Motion in Games.
Binh H. Le, Xiaohan Ma, and Zhigang Deng. 2012. Live Speech DrivenHead-and-Eye Motion Generators. Video. IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics.
K. Ruhland, S. Andrist, C. Peters, J. Badler, N. Badler, M. Gleicher, B. Mutlu, R. McDonnell. 2014. Look me in the eyes: A survey of eye and gaze animation for virtual agents and artificial systems. Eurographics.