mylogo.jpg How to Build a Computer
partssm.jpg  Choosing the Computer Parts

Choosing the various components, or parts, of your computer may be the most difficult part of building a computer. It is best to go to a reputable source to choose and buy the computer parts. I would suggest that you search the internet for some online purchasing sites. But you may also choose to obtain your parts from a local dealer. In any case, the parts that you will need include:
  1. A Computer Case
  2. A Mother Board (I choose the  Sabertooth Z77, shown in figure on left)
  3. A CPU (I choose the I7 3770K, shown in figure on left)
  4. Possibly an off-market CPU heat sink
  5. RAM (memory)
  6. GPU (graphics card)
  7. Hard Drive (I choose a 2 Tb hard drive, shown in figure on left)
  8. DVD
  9. Power Supply Unit (PSU)
  10. Monitor
  11. Mouse and Keyboard
  12. Speakers