mylogo.jpg How to Build a Computer
buildsm.jpg Putting the Parts Together: the Build

Building the computer is the most fun of all. You begin by putting the cpu onto the mother board. Please note that you should ground yourself on the case before touching any parts of the computer. Then put thermal paste onto the heat sink plate of the CPU fan, and then place the CPU fan onto the CPU. Make sure to firmly attach the CPU and the CPU fan onto the mother board. Push the ram, or memory card, onto the slots in the mother board, but remember to check the manual that came with the mother board to help choose the best slots for the ram. It might be best to hook up the power supply for an out-of-case POST before inserting the mother board into the case. Then place the mother board into the case, hook up the power supply and other cables to the mother board. Don't forget to connect both the power and the data cables when connecting the hard drive. Connect and position the DVD player, and close the case. Finally, connect the monitor, keyboard, and mouse, turn on the power supply and listen for the most glorious sound in the world: the whir of your new computer.