CP SC 881.001 - Data Visualization - Spring 2013

Instructor: Joshua A. Levine
Meets: Tu/Th 2:00-3:15pm, 114 Brackett Hall

Office Hrs: Tu 3:15-5:15pm, 317 McAdams Hall

This course introduces material on the theory and practice of designing effective visualizations of data from numerous sources. In particular, we will focus on a broad overview to the field, covering principles, methods, and techniques that are foundational to both information and scientific visualization. Experience will be gained in using cutting-edge data analysis tools, as well as in developing new visualization techniques using a variety of languages and toolkits.

Schedule (tentative, subject to change)

Week Date Tuesday Date Thursday
1 1/8 -- No Class -- 1/10 Introduction
2 1/15 Design Principles 1/17 Visualization Process
3 1/22 Data Abstraction 1/24 Visual Encodings
4 1/29 Processing Intro 1/31 Processing Lab Day
5 2/5 Color 2/7 Views
6 2/12 Interaction 2/14 Filtering and Aggregation
7 2/19 Tabular Data 2/21 Trees and Graphs
8 2/26 Vetria Byrd - SciVis Intro 2/28 VTK
9 3/5 Scalar Fields 3/7 Isosurfaces
10 3/12 V. Byrd - Gephi Workshop 3/14 No Class
11 3/19 -- Spring Break -- 3/21 -- Spring Break --
12 3/26 Volume Rendering 3/28 Transfer Function Design
13 4/2 Vector Fields 4/4 Vector Fields
14 4/9 Tensor Fields 4/11 Topological Features
15 4/16 Maps and Geo-spatial 4/18 Uncertainty and Statistics
16 4/23 Visual Analytics 4/25 Design Studies
17 4/30 -- No Class -- 5/2 Final Exam


Reading Reviews

During the semester, each student is required to complete 15  10 reviews (note, the syllabus does not reflect this change) of required reading distributed throughout the course. We will use EasyChair to complete these reviews.

Review format: review_form.txt

The way this will work is at the start of each week I will submit 2-3 papers to EasyChair. Any (or all) of the papers can be completed for reviews. You may front load and do all of the early weeks, or you may just pace yourself and do 1/week, or save them for later weeks. Each newly submitted paper has a 2 week window to be reviewed.

Design Critiques

Due: 11:59PM, Tuesdays each week

Instructions: dc.pdf

Lab 1

Due: 11:59PM, Mon. 1/28

Instructions: lab01.pdf

Data set 1: data_100k_1.cvs
Data set 2: data_100k_2.cvs
Data set 3: data_100k_3.cvs

Lab 2

Due: 11:59PM, Mon. 2/11

Instructions: lab02.pdf

Lab 3

Due: 11:59PM, Fri. 3/1

Instructions: lab03.pdf

Lab 4

Due: 11:59PM, Sun. 3/24

Instructions: lab04.pdf
VTK Source file: BandContourTerrain.py
Mount St. Helens (after) Data: SainteHelens.dem
Mount St. Helens (before) Data: http://ned.usgs.gov/Ned/historic.asp

Lab 5

Due: 11:59PM, Sun. 4/14

Instructions: lab05.pdf

Final Project

Proposals Due: 11:59PM, Sun. 3/24
Projects Due: 7:59AM, Thurs. 5/2 (both report and presentation due)

Instructions: proposal.pdf

Extra Credit

Two opportunities exist for extra credit:
  • Reviewing of book chapters of VDA:APM may also be conducted. Here the goals will be different. More of this in future weeks.
  • Attending any workshop in the CCIT Visualization Workshop Series


Lecture 01 - Introduction - Thurs. 1/10

Slides: lec01.pdf

Required Reading:
  • None
Recommended Reading:

Lecture 02 - Design Principles - Tues. 1/15

Slides: lec02.pdf

Required Reading: Recommended Reading:

Lecture 03 - Visualization Process - Thurs. 1/17

Slides: lec03.pdf

Required Reading: Recommended Reading:

Lecture 04 - Data Abstraction - Tues. 1/22

Slides: lec04.pdf

Required Reading: Recommended Reading:

Lecture 05 - Visual Encodings - Thurs. 1/24

Slides: lec05.pdf

Required Reading: Recommended Reading:

Lecture 06 - Processing Intro. - Tues. 1/29

Slides: See Bigelow / Meyer for partial slide set

Required Reading: Examples:

Lecture 07 - Processing Lab Day - Thurs. 1/31

Note: Class will convene in McAdams 110B

Instructions: proc_lab.pdf

Additional Materials:

Lecture 08 - Color - Tues. 2/5

Slides: lec08.pdf

Required Reading: Recommended Reading:

Lecture 09 - Views - Thurs. 2/7

Slides: lec09.pdf

Required Reading: Recommended Reading:

Lecture 10 - Interaction - Tues. 2/12

Slides: lec10.pdf

Required Reading: Recommended Reading:

Lecture 11 - Filtering and Aggregation - Thurs. 2/14

Slides: lec11.pdf

Required Reading: Recommended Reading:

Lecture 12 - Tabular Data - Tues. 2/19

Slides: lec12.pdf

Required Reading: Recommended Reading: For background on PCA / Dimensionality Reduction:

Lecture 13 - Trees and Graphs - Thurs. 2/21

Slides: lec13.pdf

Required Reading: Recommended Reading:

Lecture 14 - Guest Lecture - Vetria Byrd - Introduction to SciVis - Tues. 2/26

Slides: See Blackboard

Lecture 15 - VTK - Thurs. 2/28

Slides: lec15.pdf

Required Reading: Recommended Reading:

Lecture 16 - Scalar Fields - Tues. 3/5

Slides: lec16.pdf

Required Reading: Recommended Reading:

Lecture 17 - Isosurfaces - Thurs. 3/7

Slides: lec17.pdf

Required Reading: Recommended Reading:

Lecture 18 - Guest Lecture - Vetria Byrd - Gephi Workshop - Tues. 3/12

In lieu of lecturing on volume rendering, Vetria Byrd will be conducting a special workshop for the class on Gephi (http://gephi.org/). This is a platform for graph visualization, you may want to brush up on Lecture 13's slides. The workshop will take place at 132 Freeman Hall during our usual class time, and is considered the lecture for the day. So please attend.

In addition, I have included references on scalar field visualization topics, both isosurfacing and volume rendering. Please read these in preparation for the break.

Required Reading: Recommended Reading:

No Class - Thurs. 3/14

While there is no formal lecture today, you may want to use the time slot to view an interesting talk from SCItv! Here are some recommendations: In addition to many others on the SCI youtube channel.

Required Reading: Recommended Reading:

Spring Break - Tues. 3/19, Thurs. 3/21

Might be a good time to catch up on your reviews!

Lecture 20 - Volume Rendering - Tues. 3/26

Slides: lec20.pdf

Required Reading: Recommended Reading:

Lecture 21 - Transfer Function Design - Thurs. 3/28

Slides: lec21.pdf

Required Reading: Recommended Reading:

Lecture 22 - Vector Fields (Intro + Geometry-Based) - Tues. 4/2

Slides: lec22.pdf

Required Reading: Recommended Reading:

Lecture 23 - Vector Fields (Texture-Based, Feature-Based) - Thurs. 4/4

Slides: lec23.pdf

Required Reading: Recommended Reading:

Lecture 24 - Tensors Fields - Tues. 4/9

Slides: lec24.pdf

Required Reading: Recommended Reading:

Lecture 25 - Topological Features - Thurs. 4/11

Slides: lec25.pdf

Required Reading: Recommended Reading:

Lecture 26 - Maps and Geo-spatial - Tues. 4/16

Slides: lec26.pdf

Required Reading: Recommended Reading:

Lecture 27 - Uncertainty and Statistics - Thurs. 4/18

Slides: lec27.pdf

Required Reading: Recommended Reading: More Recommended Reading

Lecture 28 - Visual Analytics - Tues. 4/23

Slides: lec28.pdf

Required Reading: Recommended Reading:

Lecture 29 - Design Studies - Thurs. 4/25


Required Reading: Recommended Reading:


Additional Textbooks

Data Sources

Toolkits and Software

Other Visualization Courses



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