Arcade Game Maker Product Line


The Arcade Game Maker product line is an example product line created to support learning about and experimenting with software product lines. The product line encompasses three simple arcade games. The primary goal has been to be comprehensive rather than focus on high-quality graphics. The material available follows the basic product line approach described in [Clements 02].


This example has been incrementally created over 2 years with a great deal of evolution. This site, and the product line, is evolving. As the product line is used to illustrate topics in various courses, that material is added to the site. The initial release captures the current state of the product line artifacts. As time permits historical artifacts will be added to show the evolution from a single product example to a product line example.


The Arcade Game Maker product line is a simple, but comprehensive, example. Arcade Game Maker is a fictitious company. A context document is provided that describes meta-information about the organization, its personnel, and the general setting for the example.   This information is important to understanding the decisions made at various points in building the product line.


The example has two distinct parts:


The complete product line example is available.


Learning activities that are based on the product line are available.



Support for this effort has been provided by:


The Product Line Systems Program of the Software Engineering Institute

Luminary Software

Clemson University Dept of Computer Science


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