CPS: Synergy: Security of Distributed Cyber-Physical Systems with Connected Vehicle Applications

Principal Investigator:  Pierluigi Pisu (pisup@clemson.edu)
Co-PIs: Richard Brooks (rrb@clemson.edu), Jim Martin (jmarty@clemson.edu)


The overarching vision of this project is to accelerate the deployment of security measures for cyber-physical systems by developing cyber-attack detection and control countermeasure methodologies for networked distributed cyber-physical systems (CPSs) that are resilient to worst-case cyber-attack scenarios and therefore capable of satisfy more stringent system safety and performance requirements. More specifically, this project focuses on applications to connected vehicle systems where vehicles are capable of sharing information via dedicated short range communication (DSRC) network, with the goal of improving fuel efficiency of the system and avoiding collision. As a result, our final objective would be to create a cyber-secure vehicle connectivity paradigm that incorporates cyber-attack detection algorithms based on hybrid models and executes integrated fault-tolerant countermeasures at the vehicle level to support vehicle system resiliency and accelerate the future commercialization of automated vehicles.