School of Computing Department Honors Program

Dr. Jim Martin  (SoC Honors Advisor)
School of Computing
Clemson University
phone:  864 656 4529

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Summary of the Program

The purpose of Departmental Honors is to provide honors students a unique opportunity to do advanced, indepth study and research within their major academic disciplines. It is expected that all students will complete a thesis, portfolio of creative works, or major research project under the guidance of a faculty member or committee of faculty.

The following is identical to what is published by the Calhoun Honors College.

Departmental Honors in Computer Science requires the following sequence of courses totaling 7-8 credit hours:
CPSC   H3950     Honors Seminar (up to two semesters one is required) (1 credit hour)

CPSC   H4950     Senior Honors Research for a total of six credit hours over a period of two semesters (typically you would sign up for 3 credit hours)

The Departmental Honors program in Computer Science consists of a junior-year honors seminar and a senior-year honors thesis. In each semester of the junior year honors students must take CPSC H3950, a one-credit course designed to introduce students to the research interests of the faculty and to suggest possible topics for the senior thesis. By the end of the second semester of CPSC H3950 the student is expected to have chosen a thesis topic and a research advisor.

After completing the junior honors seminar, the student will complete an honors thesis while enrolled in two semesters of CPSC H4950 for a total of six credits. Upon completion of the written thesis, the student is expected to make a presentation to an open seminar attended by Computer Science faculty and honors students. 

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