MOLIERE: Automatic Biomedical Hypothesis Generation

Single- and Multi-level Network Sparsification

Multilevel Support Vector Machines with PETSc

  • Implementation
  • E. Sadrfaridpour, S. Jeereddy, K. Kennedy, A. Luckow, T. Razzaghi, I. Safro "Algebraic multigrid support vector machines", submitted, 2016

Multilevel Support Vector Machines (Matlab)

Musketeer - Network generation tool

Tool for fast response to infection spread and cyber attacks

>Link to download -- will be available soon<

Multiscale solvers for the following problems on (un)weighted graphs:

  • minimum linear arrangement problem - download
  • minimum 2-sum problem
  • minimum bandwidth problem
  • minimum workbound problem
  • minimum k-partitioning problem
  • network compression-friendly reordering
The corresponing paper on the multiscale methods for linear ordering problems can be found here. The algorithms are implemented in C++ using LEDA and Lapack/Lapack++. Please send me an email if you need these implementations.