The Clemson mini-Conference
on Discrete Mathematics

Complete List of Speakers

(* indicates repeat speaker)

First Conference, October 9-10, 1986
Second Conference, October 1-2, 1987
Third Conference, October 6-7, 1988
Fourth Conference, September 28-29, 1989
Fifth Conference, October 11-12, 1990
Sixth Conference, October 3-4, 1991
Seventh Conference, October 8-9, 1992
Eighth Conference, October 7-8, 1993
Ninth Conference, October 6-7, 1994
Tenth Conference, October 12-13, 1995
Eleventh Conference, October 10-11, 1996
Twelfth Conference, September 25-26, 1997
Thirteenth Conference, September 17-18, 1998
Fourteenth Conference, September 16-17, 1999

First Conference, October 9-10, 1986

1. David Sumner, University of South Carolina, Forbidden Induced Subtrees

2. Narsingh Deo, University of Central Florida Approximation Algorithms for the Gate Matrix Layout Problem

3. R.W. Robinson, University of Georgia Enumeration of Labeled Digraphs with Given Degrees

4. Peter Winkler, Emory University, Realization of Distance Matrices by Graphs

5. A. Gyarfas, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, A Weak Strong Perfect Graph Conjecture

6. Paul K. Stockmeyer, College of William and Mary, New Results in Change-making Algorithms

7. P.J. Slater, University of Alabama in Huntsville, Disjoint Independent Dominating Sets in Graphs

8. Carla Savage, North Carolina State University, Solving Problems on One-Dimensional Arrays of Processors

9. Michael S. Jacobson, University of Louisville, Results on the Irregularity Strength of a Graph

10. Steve Locke, Florida Atlantic University, Long Cycles Generate the Cycle Space of a Graph

11. Dana Richards, University of Virginia, Rectilinear Steiner Tree Algorithms

12. Edward T. Ordman, Memphis State University, Firing Squad Synchronization in Byzantine Graphs

Second Conference, October 1-2, 1987

13. C.L. Liu, University of Illinois, Generalization of Some Old Results in Combinatorics

14. Gary Chartrand, Western Michigan University, Variations on a Theorem of Petersen

15. L.W. Beineke, Indiana University - Purdue University at Fort Wayne, On Extreme Numbers of Subgraphs in Tournaments

16. Neil Robertson, Ohio State University, On Graph Minor Algorithms

17. Mike Fellows, University of Idaho, Robertson-Seymour Posets: Applications of the Immersion Order

18. E.J. Cockayne, University of Victoria, Results on Domination and Related Topics

19. Brooks Reid, Louisiana State University, Majority Tournaments: Sincere and Sophisticated Voting Decisions under Amendment Procedure

20. F.R. McMorris, Office of Naval Research, Tolerance Intersection Graphs

21. Ron Gould, Emory University, Neighborhood Unions and Extremal Graph Problems

22. Clyde L. Monma, Bell Communications Research, Optimally Embedding Planar Graphs

23. Ken Peters, University of Louisville, Some Classes of Graphs for which Beta(G) = Gamma(G) = IR(G)

Third Conference, October 6-7, 1988

24. Herbert S. Wilf, University of Pennsylvania, A Choice Generating Function Specimen

25. Peter Hammer, Rutgers University, Boolean Functions and Graphs

26. Derek Corneil, University of Toronto, Independent Set Bonding of Perfect Graphs

27. Vojtech Rodl, Emory University, Some Nonstandard Ramsey Numbers

28. Tom Trotter, Arizona State University, The Dimension of Convex Polytopes and Planar Maps

29. M.D. Plummer, Vanderbilt University, The Theory of Euler Contributions: Some New Applications

30. Allen J. Schwenk, Western Michigan University, The Ultimate Algorithms for Counting Subsequences

31. R. Gary Parker, Georgia Institute of Technology, Recursively Constructed Graph Families: Membership and Linear Algorithms

32. A.T. White, Western Michigan University, Graph Imbeddings

33. Terry A. McKee, Wright State University, Upper Bound Multigraphs for Posets

34. Ewa Kubicka, University of Louisville, An Introduction to Chromatic Sums

Fourth Conference, September 28-29, 1989

35. Frank Harary, New Mexico State University, Sum Graphs - A Survey

36. Trevor Evans, Emory University, Algebraic Aspects of Combinatorics

37. Daniel Kleitman, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, On Zero-Trees

38. Irwin Roy Hentzel, Iowa State University, The Characteristic Function: An Alternative to Counterexamples

39. Paul Seymour, Bellcore, A Separator Theorem for Non-Planar Graphs

40. Scott Provan, University of North Carolina, Approximating Two-Terminal Reliability in Graphs

41. Charlie Colbourn, University of Waterloo, Leaves and Neighbourhoods of Triple Systems

42. George Nemhauser, Georgia Institute of Technology, Solving Combinatorial Optimization Problems by Constraint Generation Algorithms and an Application to Graph Coloring

43. Linda Lesniak, Drew University, Tolerance Intersection Graphs

44. Daniel Bienstock. Columbia University, Graph Searching, Path-Width and Tree-Width

45. Jerrold R. Griggs, University of South Carolina, Representation of Uniform Hypergraphs over GF(2)

46. Siemion Fajtlowicz, University of Houston, On Conjectures and Methods of Graffiti

47. Gerd H. Fricke, Wright State University, Strong Matchings on Trees

48. Robin Thomas, Georgia Institute of Technology, How Many Cops are Needed to Catch a Robber?

Fifth Conference, October 11-12, 1990

49. Richard Duke, Georgia Institute of Technology, The Erdos-Ko-Rado Theorem for Small Families

50. Margaret Cozzens, Northeastern University, Critical M-Neighbor-Connected Graphs

51. D.R. Shier, College of William & Mary, Cancellation and Consecutive Sets

52. R.H. Schelp, Memphis State University, The Local Ramsey Number and Local Colorings

53. Pravin M. Vaidya, University of Illinois, New Algorithms for Minimizing Convex Functions over Convex Sets

54. D.K. Ray-Chaudhuri, Ohio State University, Size of an S-intersection Family in a Polynomial Semilattice and Construction of Vector-Space Designs by Quadratic Forms

55. Douglas West, University of Illinois, A Graph-Theoretic Game and its Application to the K-Server Problem

56. Mike Langston, University of Tennessee, Polynomial-Time Algorithms From Finite Basis Theorems - A Survey

57.*Gerd H. Fricke, Wright State University (47), On the Product of the Independence Domination Numbers of a Graph and its Complement

58. Jeremy Spinrad, Vanderbilt University, Containment of Circular-Arcs

59. Stephan Olariu, Old Dominion University, A Fast Parallel Recognition Algorithm for a Class of Tree-representable Graphs

60. Mark Ellingham, Vanderbilt University, Recent Results on Vertex-Switching Reconstruction

Sixth Conference, October 3-4, 1991

61. Marc J. Lipman, Office of Naval Research, On Abstract Sphere-of-Influence Graphs

62. Roger Entringer, University of New Mexico, Two Extremal Problems in Graph Theory

63. Edward Scheinerman, Johns Hopkins University, Containment Orders and Planar Graphs

64. Jean R.S. Blair, University of Tennessee, On Finding Transmitter-Receiver Matchings

65. J. Chris Fisher, University of Regina, The Jamison Method in Galois Geometries

66. Fred S. Roberts, Rutgers University, Elementary, Sub-Fibonacci, Regular, Van Lier, and Other Interesting Sequences

67. *M.S. Jacobson, University of Louisville (9), Generating K-element Subsets of an N-element Set with DeBruijn Graphs

68. Rod Canfield, University of Georgia, Matchings in the Partition Lattice

69. Ron Read, University of Waterloo, Algorithms for Small Graphs

70. Nate Dean, Bellcore, Characterization of Generalized Bicritical Graphs

71. H. Joseph Straight, State University of New York College at Fredonia, Extremal Problems Involving Neighborhood Numbers

72. Andrzej Rucinski, Emory University, Random Graph Processes with Degree Restrictions

Seventh Conference, October 8-9, 1992

73. Carl Pomerance, University of Georgia, Carmichael Numbers

74. *Ron Read, University of Waterloo (69), Enumeration and Construction Problems for Certain Multigraphs Associated with Knots and Links

75. Doug Rall, Furman University, Induced Subgraphs of Self-Complementary Graphs

76. Edgar M. Palmer, Michigan State University, Random Graphs: Recent Results and Problems

77. Vera Pless, University of Illinois at Chicago, Greedy Codes

78. Richard A. Brualdi, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Conditional Sign-Solvability

79. Greg N. Frederickson, Purdue University, Parametric Search and Locating Supply Centers in Trees

80. Joseph JaJa, University of Maryland, Optimal Parallel Algorithms on the Network Model

81. Vijaya Ramachandran, University of Texas at Austin, Graph Augmentation and Compaction Problems

82. E. Boros, Rutgers University, On Hard & Easy Satisfiability Problems

83. Paul Kainen, Industrial Math, Washington, D.C., Graphs and Analog Geometry

84. Vera Kurkova, Institute of Computer and Information Science, Prague, Quasiorthogonal Dimension and Turan's Theorem

Eighth Conference, October 7-8, 1993

85. *David Sumner, University of South Carolina(1), Forbidden Trees in Graphs

86. Lisa Markus, Furman University, Hamilton Cycles in Variations of Claw-free Graphs

87. *George Nemhauser, Georgia Institute of Technology(42), Solving Binary Cutting Stock Problems by Column Generation and Branch-and-Bound

88. Charles Suffel, Stevens Institute of Technology, Neighbor Connectivity of Abelian Cayley Graphs

89. Gary Bloom, City College of New York, Unions and Break-ups

90. *Derek Corneil, University of Toronto(26), A Generalization of Line Graphs: (X,Y) Intersection Graphs

91. *C.L. Liu, University of Illinois(13), Optimal Graph Constraint Reduction

92. *E.J. Cockayne, University of Victoria(18), Optimal Addition of New Geographic Points into an Existing Road System

93. *Dana Richards, National Science Foundation(11), Rectilinear Steiner Trees

94. Anna Lubiw, University of Waterloo, Geometric Graphs

95. *Andrzej Rucinski, Emory University(72), Threshold Functions for Ramsey Properties

96. Chris Rodger, Auburn University, Amalgamations of Graphs and Their Applications

97. Teresa Haynes, East Tennessee State University, Double Domination

98. Preben Dahl Vestergaard, Aalborg University, Denmark, Well Covered Total Graphs

Ninth Conference, October 6-7, 1994

99. Frank Boesch, Stevens Institute of Technology, On Reliability Measures for Networks with Node Failures

100. Egon Balas, Carnegie Mellon University, Projection and Lifting in Combinatorial Optimization

101. J.H. Hattingh, Rand Afrikaans University, South Africa, Majority Domination and its Generalizations

102. Howard Karloff, Georgia Institute of Technology, New Results on the Old K-opt Algorithm for the TSP

103. Pankaj K. Agarwal, Duke University, Randomized Algorithms for Some Geometric Optimization Problems

104. Ortrud R. Oellermann, Brandon University, Manitoba, Canada, The Average Steiner Distance of a Graph

105. Ralph Faudree, University of Memphis, Hamiltonian Properties in Claw-Free Graphs

106. Hal Kierstead, Arizona State University, Hamiltonian Square Cycles and Paths

107. F.K. Hwang, AT&T Bell Labs, Combinatorial Group Testing and Applications

108. Art Liestman, Simon Fraser University, Graph Spanners

109. M. Saks, Rutgers University, Neighborhood Packings, Covers and Polling in Metric Spaces

110. Dwight Duffus, Emory University, The Complexity of Ordered Subgraph Recognition Problems

Tenth Conference, 1995

111. *Herb Wilf, University of Pennsylvania (24), Counting Independent Sets in Grid Graphs

112. Curt Lindner, Auburn University, Graph Theory and Universal Algebra Go Hand in Hand

113. N.J.A. Sloane, Bell Laboratories, Packing Lines, Planes, etc. - Packings in Grassmanian Space

114. Moshe Rosenfeld, Pacific Lutheran University, The Icosahedron

115. W.D. Wallis, Southern Illinois University, Tournaments for Triads

116. *Dijen Ray-Chaudhuri, Ohio State University (54), Difference Sets: Report on Some Recent Results

117. *Ron Gould, Emory University (21), Forbidden Subgraphs and Hamiltonian Problems

118. Christoph Witzgall, National Institute of Standards and Technology, A Japanese Temple Theorem for Delaunay Triangulations

119. *Carla Savage, North Carolina State University (8), Graphical (and Other) Partitions

120. David Krumme, Tufts University, New Methods for Gossip Problems

121. Erich Prisner, Universitat Hamburg, Germany, In-tournament Digraphs

122. Michael A. Henning, University of Natal, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, Bipartite Ramsey Theory

Eleventh Conference, October 10-11, 1996

123. *Robert W. Robinson, University of Georgia(3), Asymptotic Enumeration of Eulerian Circuits in the Complete Graph

124. D. Pritikin, Miami University, Ohio, On Randomized Greedy Matchings

125. Zevi Miller, Miami University, Ohio, The Steiner Problem in the Hypercube

126. Dana Randall, Georgia Institute of Technology, Marchov Chain Algorithms for Planar Lattice Structures

127. John H. Reif, Duke University, Models for Molecular Parallelism

128. *Allen J. Schwenk, Western Michigan University (30), The Color-Degree Matrix and the Number of Rainbow Spanning Trees

129. Craig A. Tovey, Georgia Institute of Technology, A Simple Model of Fish School Formation

130. D. Frank Hsu, Fordham University, On Container Width and Length in Graphs, Groups, and Networks

131. Cecil Rousseau, University of Memphis, Asymptotic Bounds for Certain Sequences of Ramsey Numbers

133. Raymond Pippert, Indiana University-Purdue University at Ft. Wayne, The Graph Theory Road to Venn Diagrams

134. *Peter Slater, University of Alabama in Huntsville (7), Generalized Subset Problems

135. Quentin F. Stout, University of Michigan, Determining Properties of Parametrized Families of Graphs

Twelfth Conference, September 25-26, 1997

136. *Gary Chartrand, Western Michigan University(14), Go the Distance

137. Henry Martyn Mulder, Erasmus Universitaat, Netherlands, From Folklore to Theory: the Case of Median Graphs

138. *Linda Lesniak, Drew University (43), Forbidden Subgraph Results for Hamiltonian Graphs

139. Prasad Tetali, Georgia Institute of Technology, Analysis of Glauber Dynamics Using Comparison of Markov Chains

140. Raymond Greenlaw, University of New Hampshire, Topics in Parallel Computation and P-completeness Theory

141. Martin Golumbic, Bar-Ilan University, Strong Matchings & Uniquely Restricted Matchings in Graphs

142. *Robin Thomas, Georgia Institute of Technology(48), Permanents, Pfaffian Orientations, and Even Directed Circuits

143. Mark Hartmann, University of North Carolina, Long Walks, Dynamic Programming and the Max-Algebra

144. Jennifer Zito, Center for Computing Science, Bowie, Maryland, Enumeration of Trees with Degree Restrictions

145. D.G. Hoffman, Auburn University, Grundy Labellings of the N-Cube

146. Jeno Lehel, University of Louisville, Minimum Cuts: Structure and Extremal Problems

Thirteenth Conference, September 17-18, 1998

147. Bela Bollobas, University of Memphis and Cambridge University, England, Hereditary Properties of Graphs: Asymptotic Enumeration, Global Structure, and Colouring

148. Mike Albertson, Smith College, Graph Color Extension Problems

149. Kevin Phelps, Auburn University, Code Equivalence

150. Ronald D. Dutton, University of Central Florida, Weak Heaps are Strong Enough

151. Ralph P. Grimaldi, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, The Catalan Numbers: Something Old and Something New

152. J.W. Moon, University of Alberta, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, On the Steiner Distance of Trees from Certain Families

153. Gary L. Mullen, Pennsylvania State University, (T,M,S)-Nets in Base B

154. Dave Fisher, University of Colorado at Denver, The Expected Time for the "Power Method" in Min-Plus Algebra

155. John Hooker, Carnegie Mellon University, The Art of Relaxation

156. Odile Favaron, Universite Paris-Sud, Orsay, France, Domination Properties in Some Classes of Claw-free Graphs

157. Robert C. Brigham, University of Central Florida, Change in Additive Bandwidth When an Edge is Added

158. Gary MacGillivray, University of Victoria, Victoria, B.C., Canada, Hamiltonian Properties of Independent Domination Critical Graphs

159. Guantao Chen, Georgia State University, Results on Hamiltonian Graphs

Fourteenth Conference, September 16-17, 1999

160. Neil Calkin, Clemson University, Asymptotic Behavior of Averaging Sequences

161. Mihai Ciucu, Georgia Institute of Technology, A Generalization of MacMahon's Formula for Plane Partitions

162. Douglas Shier, Clemson University, Spanning Trees: Let Me Count the Ways

163. John Pfaltz, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Antimatroid Closure Spaces

164. Jitender Deogun, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Asteroidal Sets in Graphs

165. Linda Lesniak, Drew University, Madison, NJ, 2-Factors in Graphs

166. J. Scott Provan, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Designing for Invulnerability in Networks: the Euclidean Case

167. Kenneth P. Bogart, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH, Classification of Trapezoid Graphs and Trapezoid Orders

168. Michael Plummer, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN, On the Connectivity of Graphs Embedded in Surfaces

169. Peter Dankelmann, University of Natal, Durban, South Africa, A Survey of Average Distance

170. Laszlo Szekely, University of South Carolina, Columbia, Erdos on Unit Distances

171. Tao Jiang, University of Illinois, Urbana, IL, Trees in Graphs with Large Girth