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Program Analysis

Exploiting the Clang AST for Analysis of C++ Applications: We leverage the Clang parser front-end to build maintenance tools for legacy applications written in C++. We detail our approach for computing metrics for three version releases of an open source video game, Aleph One, a continuation of Marathon produced by Bungie Software. We describe the results of applying two commonly used metrics to the three version releases and mark an important contradiction in the two metrics.

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Video Game Development

Video Game Education

Video games have captured the interest of all age groups and are played on almost all digital media, including PCs, game consoles, tablets, and phones. Nevertheless, video games are difficult, requiring long periods of concentration and effort. However, this effort fosters player learning at a comfortable pace and in a sandbox environment, enabling the gamer to re-capture the joy of learning. We discuss practices educators utilize to drain the fun out of learning, and we propose alternatives.

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