Jacob Sorber

Assistant Professor
School of Computing
Clemson University

(11/2015) Nicole Tobias won best poster at ACM SenSys 2015
(09/2015) NSF funds our self-powered pipeline monitoring work. 
(07/2015) Federated energy paper accepted to SenSys 2015
(03/2015) My NSF CAREER proposal was funded. 
(11/2014) Ekho paper won best paper award at SenSys 2014
(10/2013) The Amulet project has received funding from the NSF. 

I'm an Assistant Professor in the School of Computing at Clemson University where I teach Computer Science and lead the PERSIST Research Lab.

I am always looking for smart, motivated students, but
please read this first.

[My CV]

My work makes embedded systems, mobile sensors, wearables, and other small computational things smaller, more efficient, lower cost, longer-lasting, and easier to deploy. My students and I develop and deploy new hardware and software technologies, tools, and abstractions that help embedded devices adapt to changing conditions, recover from frequent power failures, and operate maintenance-free for decades.

Projects: System Support for Batteryless Sensors (federated energy storage, Ekho, and Mementos), wearable security and privacy (Amulet), Perpetual Systems (Tula, Eon), and Hierarchical Power Management (Turducken, Triage).

Tragedy of the Coulombs: Federating Energy Storage for Tiny, Intermittently-Powered Sensors
J. Hester, L. Sitanayah, J. Sorber
SenSys 2015 [PDF]

Ekho: Realistic and Repeatable Experimentation for Tiny Energy-Harvesting Sensors
J. Hester, T. Scott, J. Sorber
SenSys 2014, Best Paper Award [PDF]

Hide-n-Sense: Preserving Privacy Efficiently in Wireless mHealth
S. Mare, J. Sorber, M. Shin, C. Cornelius, D. Kotz
Mobile Networks and Applications (MONET), Special issue of Wireless Technology for Pervasive Healthcare, Volume 19, Issue 3, pp 331–344, June 2014, © 2014 Springer-Verlag

Current Events: Identifying Webpages by Tapping the Electrical Outlet
S. Clark, H. Mustafa, B. Ransford, J. Sorber, K. Fu, W. Xu

WattsUpDoc: Power Side Channels to Nonintrusively Discover Untargeted Malware on Embedded Medical Devices
S. Clark, B. Ransford, A. Rahmati, S. Guineau, J. Sorber, W. Xu, K. Fu
HealthTech 2013

Tula: Balancing Energy for Sensing and Communication in a Perpetual Mobile System
J. Sorber, A. Balasubramanian, M. D. Corner, J. Ennen, C. Qualls
IEEE TMC, Vol. 12, Issue 4, April 2013 [PDF]

Provenance framework for mHealth
A. Prasad, R. Peterson, S. Mare, J. Sorber, K. Paul, D. Kotz
NetHealth 2013

TARDIS: Time and Remanence Decay in SRAM to Implement Secure Protocols on Embeded Devices without Clocks.
A. Rahmati, M. Salajegheh, D. Holcomb, J. Sorber, W. P. Burleson, K. Fu
USENIX Security Symposium 2012

Plug-n-Trust: Practical trusted sensing for mHealth
J. Sorber, M. Shin, R. Peterson, D. Kotz
MobiSys 2012

An Amulet for trustworthy wearable mHealth
J. Sorber, M. Shin, R. Peterson, C. Cornelius, S. Mare, A. Prasad, Z. Marois, E. Smithayer, D. Kotz
HotMobile 2012 [PDF]

Ekho: Bridging the Gap Between Simulation and Reality in Tiny Energy-Harvesting Sensors
H. Zhang, M. Salajegheh, K. Fu, J. Sorber
HotPower 2011 [PDF]

Adaptive security and privacy for mHealth sensing
S. Mare, J. Sorber, M. Shin, C. Cornelius, D. Kotz
HealthSec 2011, Short paper

Exposing privacy concerns in mHealth
A. Prasad, J. Sorber, T. Stablein, D. Anthony, D. Kotz
HealthSec 2011, Position paper

Mementos: System Support for Long-Running Computation on RFID-Scale Devices
B. Ransford, J. Sorber, K. Fu.
ASPLOS 2011, https://github.com/ransford/mementos [PDF]

Eon: A Language and Runtime System for Perpetual Systems.
J. Sorber, A. Kostadinov, M. Garber, M. Brennan, M. D. Corner, E.D. Berger
SenSys 2007 [PDF] [Slides]

Triage: Balancing Energy Consumption and Quality of Service in Tiered Microservers
N. Banerjee, J. Sorber, M. D. Corner, S. Rollins, D. Ganesan
MobiSys 2007 [PDF]

Turducken: Hierarchical Power Management for Mobile Devices
J. Sorber, N. Banerjee, M. D. Corner, S. Rollins
MobiSys 2005 [PDF] [Slides]

CPSC/ECE 3220: Operating Systems. Fall 2014–Spring 2016.
CPSC 3600: Networks and Networked Programming. Spring 2014.
CPSC 2150: Software Development Foundations. Spring, Fall 2013.
CPSC 8810: Mobile Computing Systems. Fall 2012.
CS 37: Computer Architecture. Summer 2011. (Dartmouth)

Best Poster, SenSys 2015, Seoul, Korea.
NSF CAREER Award, 2015.
Best Paper, SenSys 2014, Memphis, TN.
Best Poster, Secon 2013, New Orleans, LA.
Best Presentation, Ph.D. Forum, MobiSys 2008, Breckenridge, CO.

R. C. Edwards Middle School
I teach an embedded electronics and programming mini-course to 7th and 8th-grade students, who don't yet “know” that embedded computing is supposed to be hard. So far, my young friends and I have created rhythmic light shows, smart flashlights, heart-rate monitoring programs, and galvanic skin response (GSR)-based lie detectors.