Spring 2016 Course

DPA 4010 / 6010 Technical Foundations of Digital Production II

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CPSC 4040 / 6040 Computer Graphics Images
CPSC 4050 / 6050 Computer Graphics
CPSC 8170 Physically Based Animation
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SAVAGE Graphics Lab

Donald H. House

Professor and Chair
Division of Visual Computing
School of Computing

Interim Director
MFA Program in Digital Production Arts

Clemson University

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Dr. Donald House Chairs the Division of Visual Computing in the School of Computing at Clemson University, where his mission is to develop the faculty, curricula, and research agendas of the Division. The Division of Visual Computing is home to Clemson's unique M.F.A. program in Digital Production Arts, and housees an undergraduate minor in Digital Production Arts, as well as M.S. and Ph.D. specializations in Visual Computing. Visual Computing is conceived to encompass a number of disciplines bearing on image making, image manipulation and image understanding within a computing context. These will include Animation and Visual Effects, Computer Graphics, Visualization, Visual Perception, and Visual Storytelling. Dr. House's previous position was at Texas A&M University, playing a key role in the development of their Visualization Program.

By accident, Dr. House was a born and bred a Yankee (New York and New England). However, by choice he is now a South Carolinian, as well as a Computer Scientist (UMass), and a member of the Baha'i Faith.

His research lab is named the SAVAGE Graphics Lab, which is an acronym for its focus areas of Simulation, Animation, Visualization, And Games for Education. The name is also a play on the beloved Clemson tiger. In his research, Dr. House has explored many aspects of the fields of computer graphics and visual perception. His current research thrust is investigating methods for the perceptual optimization of visualizations. He is well known for his work in the area of physically based modeling, championing interacting-particle approaches to the simulation of cloth and drapery and other flexible materials. He and David Breen compiled the book Cloth Modeling and Animation. Early in his academic career, House studied brain mechanisms for depth vision in anuran amphibians (frogs and toads). He later confined these aberrant tendencies to developing a 3D graphics system called Jabka, whose name in Russian is roughly translated as toady.

For fun he is an avid swimmer, and enjoys hiking, art, biking, skiing. He is looking forward to renewing his interest in sailing on the beautiful lakes in the Clemson area when life allows the time.

His wife Lynette is an accomplished artist. They have two children, Ian who is a software engineer in New Hampshire, and Felice who is painter on the faculty of Texas A&M. Ian is married to Gina House and they have two boys, Timmy and Ben. Felice's husband is Dana Younger who was one of the founders of Blue Genie Art Industries in Austin, and is now with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. Dana has two boys, Jasper and Wiley who are welcome new members of the family.