This website serves as the current distribution point for LectureScribe, a program for easily producing animated "whiteboard lectures" from a tablet PC or electronic whiteboard. LectureScribe is written by Brian C. Dean, an assistant professor of computer science at Clemson Univeristy.

Audio Bug Alert: The latest versions of Adobe's Flash player managed to break the audio playback for LectureScribe-generated files (and also for several other prominent applications, e.g., Camtasia) by making playback sound garbled, with periodic squawks and other artifacts. I'm not terribly thrilled with Adobe for their reluctance to address this issue in a timely or transparent manner, but in the meantime I've been able to figure out a work-around, which is incorporated into the latest version of LectureScribe. Please let me know if you encounter any further audio issues.

Important Note: 26-minute time limit! It appears that Macromedia Flash (SWF) files have an inherent limit of 16,000 frames per movie, which at the current rate of 10 frames per second translates to a current upper limit of 26 minutes per movie. Beyond this point, behavior seems to be somewhat ill-defined; for example, when I record a video londer than 26 minutes, the video stops playing at 26 minutes but the audio continues. At the moment, there is no way around this issue except to split long presentations up into shorter chunks. To do this with a multi-board presentation, save several copies of it, and then for each copy delete all but the boards you want to keep for that copy. I'm currently considering other workarounds, such as perhaps automatically reducing the frame rate for longer presentations, or generating an SWF file that draws a lecture programatically.

Note: Since so many folks have indicated interest in using LectureScribe, I'm in the process of setting up a message board for users to post questions and suggestions, as well as share content produced with LectureScribe and similar programs. Please check back later for more information, or send me email (bcdean@cs.clemson.edu) if you'd like me to notify you when the message board is available. I may also set up a mailing list soon so I can send out notifications of updates and bug fixes, etc.

On this website, you can find:

Please send the author (bcdean@cs.clemson.edu) any bug reports and comments you might have -- your feedback is very important in helping to maintain and improve the program! If you use LectureScribe in your own classes, the author would be thrilled to hear about it. (and if you care to send sample animations, all the better!)